Wyndbourne is a rural spot for those seeking a glimpse of an earlier, simpler time and the   tranquility of a country setting. In keeping with the age of our home, we have kept it no-tech. There are no in-room telephones, TVs or anything much in the way of external entertainment. There is wi-fi access and cable TV in our keeping room  and upstairs library to occupy our long, northeast winter evenings. Ours is not an ideal location for children easily given to boredom. It's great, though, for both the young and less young who may love books, art and things old. We have lots of those!

Nancy Caparulo, primary Innkeeper and cook, loves the cuisines of many cultures.  Among her passions is the growing movement toward locally sustainable agriculture and organically raised food. Your breakfast will include local free-range eggs, sausage from grass pastured animals, vegetables in season from Wyndbourne's large garden, and apples from 200 year-old trees in the orchard. Coffee is brewed from fair trade, freshly ground coffee beans. Guests often comment on our coffee.